Monday, September 28, 2009

Small story: The Pharmacist and the itchy caucasians.

As awesome as our day at Maracas was, it left us with a few dozen unpleasant souvenirs, sand fly bites.  These little buggers started driving us crazy Saturday night.  Sand Fly bites have a strange property where they don't itch at all, till long after the initial bite.  This caused some confusion as to WHAT THE HELL IS BITING US IN BED.  Being New Yorkers we immediately assumed bed bugs, but thankfully the mattress was clear.  After some research we found out that Sand Fly bites take a while to start itching, so we were relieved that it wasn't Bed Bugs. Any sense of relief was soon scratched away by the intense itching on our legs.

Our roomate Teresa and I headed to the drugstore in search of relief for the house, we had some recommendations as for what to take, but couldn't quite remember the name, so we asked a woman behind the pharmacist counter, who looked like a manager of some sort. She came out, and asked if it was bad, being a man who uses fake machismo, I told her it wasn't too bad.  She took one look at our fly bitten legs, and gasped  audibly (For the record, I think she would have fainted had she seen Cara's legs, as mine were not nearly as attractive to the sand flys).  She then ran behind the counter and started looking for any medicine she could find, settling on a prescription antibiotic, Hydro cortisone and an antihistamine that had been recommended to us.  The Pharmacist meekly protested to this cocktail though, "This is prescription only, do they have a prescription?"

The manager looking lady replied, "Have you seen their legs?  Look at this, it is TERRIBLE."
Teresa and showed our legs in unison to the unimpressed looking pharmacist, as a few curious shoppers glanced over their shoulders at us.

"You know you can't give them that without a perscription."  The pharmacist insisted.

The Manager lady then struck upon a solution, "It's fine, there's some extra scripts in the system we can use!  I have a refill on this antibiotic that I don't need, we'll just fill that and give it to them!  Wait, let me just cross off my name on this prescription."  She proceeded to cross her name off 3 times, missing a 4th print out of her name on the bottle itself.

Teresa, Rachel, Cara and I have developed a kind of look we flash at each other when something happens that would only occur in Trini.  Teresa and I used this look multiple times in the course of this conversation, but in the end we walked out with one elicit topical antibiotic prescription, a hydro cortisone creme and an antihistamine that may or may not skirt prescription laws.  I'll let you know if all these drugs do anything more than the oatmeal Spackle treatment my wife and Roommates have been using

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