Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Trini Food Project

Sorry for the lack of updates for all three of you who read this.  I decided to give myself a challenge while here, to eat my way through Trinidad's local dishes (Ohh how I punish myself).  Thing is, Trinidad has a ton of foods that are either only really eaten on the island, or are from other cultures but have taken on totally unique forms in Trinidad.  So with that, I present a  list of foods I will eat my way through, living vicariously for you, the reader.  I consulted with the "Trini gourmet" to get a good, representative list.  My goal is to have each dish a couple of times before I post on it, but some of the things that are harder to find (oddly, like doubles) I may only try once before putting up.  So with no further introduction, here's the list, including a link to the first post I wrote on food :). 

As I try the things I'll come back here and update the list, and hopefully I'll make some of you want to come and visit Trinidad :).

1. Bake and shark/Fish (coming soon :))
2. Doubles
3. Roti and it's various forms, Dalpurie, Buss up shut, etc
4. Calaloo
5. Saheena
6. Aloo Pies
7. Pepper Sauce
8. Pelau
9. Sous
10. Cow Heel Soup
11. Corn Soup
12. Chow
13. Pholorie
14. Barfie
15. Macaroni Pie

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