Sunday, September 6, 2009

cout<<"hello world";

I hate introductions. Everyone reading this for the most parts knows Cara and I, you already have strong opinions on our quirks and habits. You have probably studied with me, tossed a disc to me that I couldn't quite catch, or stuck a plasma grenade to face. So if your here, you know we moved to Trini for Cara's fieldwork, I'm continuing to work from home when we aren't out trying new beaches, foods, transportation sports and meeting people.

We've only been here about 2-3 days so far, so things have moved pretty fast, we've already had car problems (a flat from nearly being run off the road), massive sunburns (right through SPF50), and a thoroughly american experience in a foreign land (Going to the movies and watching some aliens asplode).

So there's already a ton to talk about, and this is mostly just a non introduction-introduction post. Cara's working on pictures now, and we'll have them up on our website.

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  1. I'm guessing for aliens asplode you mean District 9. Was it not great?
    And a big hello by the way to the both of you. You are new captain of the blogosphere!